What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Rich is a fantastic instructor and true professional. His instruction is a high quality learning experience and unmatched value that will take you from a novice to marksman in no time. By going over technique in an easy to understand manner, you�ll gain a better understanding of how to get the most from yourself and your firearm. Taking a course from him will help make you a better shooter, leading to you getting more enjoyment from your hobby. I am still applying the lessons and skills you taught me and continue to improve every trip to the range I take! Thanks again. " -Tyler M. Quarrvyille, PA

"Your knowledge and hands on training was amazing. Coming from someone who has never been taught anything about guns, I am now 100% confident that I can defend myself and my family using my gun, or any gun, should that situation ever arise. Not only did you show me how to handle my gun, but you gave me back my peace of mind. Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed to feel safe." -Jessica L. West Lampeter, Pa

"I felt like I learned a lot from the class and really liked your style of teaching. I had a lot of fun yesterday." -Chuck F.

"I was a green-thumbed novice a few years ago, and had decided that I wanted to pursue a career in defense and security contracting for various government and federal agencies. Having no experience in handling any type of handgun, I sought out Rich Elliott's expertise and skillful knowledge. Rich told me that not only could he help teach me, but that he could get me out on the range with a Glock 9mm, and qualify me to State Department standards. This was the help I had needed. Rich worked tirelessly with me, blending his valuable skill set and vast years of experience, with a humble, down-to-earth approach that made me feel so comfortable and secure. I am proud to call Rich a friend and my teacher. Rich has been to the heights of his professional field, working the elite jobs that most of us can only dream about. To have the chance to learn from him and take his direction on the range was one of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences of my life. Rich is the gold-standard when it comes to practical or tactical firearms training. Let him teach you in his own laid-back, approachable style, and you will be set for whatever you may want to accomplish in the professional or contracting world. I will recommend Rich highly to anyone looking for a hands-on, one-on-one firearms training experience. It is the knowledge that will get you to the next step. Now I am working in Africa on a WPS contract and I owe most of it to Rich. His teaching prepared and qualified me for the job that I am currently in. There are many choices in defense, tactical, and firearms training -- there is NOBODY better qualified or equipped than Rich Elliott. The cream always rises to the top. " -C.Charles 2012

"I have been shooting for a hobby on my own for the past few years. Like most of the shooters I have met at the range I have tried to pick up some tips from the Internet or Magazines. I have also joined a few private ranges in the York-Hanover area to try to teach myself to shoot. I recently decided to take another approach and reached out to a professional instructor. The decision to try this approach was a good one. Not only did I receive individual attention but my training was designed specifically to meet my needs. The course I wanted to begin with was the pistol. My instructor began with the basics and improved upon my skill set. In additional lessons my instructor taught me how to evaluate my shots and understand how to improve on my own. He made the blocks of instructions not only informative but fun. It was obvious by the improvement I had made that reaching out was a great decision. I would recommend the course to anyone looking for a professional but yet personal marksmanship course." -John A. Griscavage, Spring Grove, Pa

"Ok, to be clear and direct, he is a great teacher. Just showed me the steps once and I got it correctly for a 1st time sniper rifle shooter. He told me to always remember B.R.A.S. (Breathe Relax Aim and Squeeze). I did amazing, 19/20 hits (9/10 at 100 yards and 10/10 at 200 yards.) The price was nice also, especially since I'm a college student. I had a great time and I will definitely go back after spring break to open up the 2nd half of the semester with a bang." -Raphael Verret

"I took a 3 hour course with Rich today, commuting from Baltimore, MD, and the lesson was well worth my time and money. The range allows for shooting at multiple targets at differing ranges, and the capability for minor moving and shooting. Rich covered the basics quickly, gauging my existing abilities and deciding what to cover from there. The benefit of having someone with experience look over your shoulder and watch you while you work on ever more complex motions and combinations of techniques cannot be overstated. Some of what Rich taught me holds just as much value off the range as it does on". -JC